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I’ve started my own small press, primarily for my works that don’t fit into the Permuted Press genres and I may entertain submissions on a case-by-case basis, but it would be mainly as a self-publishing assistance role more than as a “publisher”.  Our website is www.muddybootspress.com


As an initial guide until I can get things set up, download my self-publishing how-to guide for only $.99 or shoot me a message!


Publishing Company letter

This is a copy of the letter that I received from a “publishing company” when I first started looking into how to publish my first book GNASH.  As you can see, they wanted to charge me $8,400 to publish my book through them… a service that if you know how to do it online is ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Muddy Boots Press will help authors do this on their own without charging them a penny.  Authors will be put in contact with editors and cover artists to work out their own terms.  MBP is about paying it forward to those who helped me BEFORE I made that huge monetary mistake…


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