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Origins of the Outbreak

 Every epidemic begins with a relatively small group of people who’ve been exposed to an illness. The Centers for Disease Control believes that it is imperative to reach the site of an initial outbreak as quickly as possible in order to prevent further spread of the disease. Sometimes that isn’t always possible and events reach a catastrophic tipping point before the government can organize a response.

Origins of the Outbreak follows the chain of infection from one person to another after a university researcher in a small Texas town unwittingly develops an disease that turns its victims into zombies and threatens to destroy the world as we know it.

Told as a series of short stories from the perspective of each victim as they experience their own version of hell while struggling to survive, Origins will leave you gasping in fear.

LINKS. US: www.tinyurl.com/Origins-Parker UK: www.bit.ly/Origins-UK


Battle Damage Assessment

 In the unforgiving countryside of eastern Afghanistan, Private First Class Tyson York is thrust into a situation with improbable odds of survival where he learns the difficult lessons of loss, unshakable loyalty and love.

Tyson, who is deployed to an active theater of war for the first time, is initially appalled at the casual way that his fellow soldiers discuss the deaths of their enemies and he vows to retain his decency as a human being. But when he is injured and witnesses the true horrors of combat, unbelievable boredom between missions and experiences betrayal from the home front, he finds himself enthusiastically wishing for the destruction of his enemies.

After he returns from the war, Tyson realizes that he’s changed and seeks help to cope with his altered emotional state. Over time, and with the help of a beautiful young woman, he learns how to cope with his PTSD and overcome the adversity that he faces upon his return.

LINK. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PCND2RI


The Collective Protocol

 Paige Watkins is a telepath who can control the minds of those around her. When a cabal of devious Canadian politicians learns of her abilities, The Collective Protocol is born. Its mission is to destabilize their troublesome southern neighbor and erstwhile partner while increasing international Canadian influence and expanding their national borders.

The telepath’s gifts are magnified using cutting edge technology, allowing her to inflict heavy damage upon the country of her birth as she orchestrates widespread wildlife attacks, uprisings among the homeless and succeeds in turning Americans against the police, who seem possessed by demons as they strike out against law-abiding citizens.

Several of the incidents seem to swirl around Washington, D.C. native Reagan Lockhart, causing the lead investigator from the FBI’s Unorthodox Crimes department to conclude that she’s somehow involved. The girl is thrust into the middle of an international scheme to systematically destroy the U.S. where she must ultimately face Paige in a battle of ferocious energies.

LINK. www.tinyurl.com/TCP-Parker

Zombie in the Basement

Zombie in the Basement is the heartwarming tale of Alfie, an adorable young zombie who lives with Andrew and his family. Their special houseguest struggles to learn how to cope with being different than everyone else while Andrew and his family help to teach Alfie how to manage the situations that arise from his condition.

We’re all different, and that’s a good thing. Our children should be taught to proudly march to the beat of their own drum, and to embrace the individuality that exists in the world around them. It’s up to us to give them enough love and support to find their own way without leading them by the hand and doing it for them.

Alfie, Andrew and their friends try to get the zombie’s foot back from the neighbor’s dog Scooter. The job is made more difficult when the neighbor, who doesn’t like Alfie because he’s different, refuses to help. Will the boys ever get Alfie’s foot back?

LINK. www.tinyurl.com/Zombie4Kids


Self-Publishing the Hard Way

A recent statistic said that less than 98% of books submitted to a traditional publisher are accepted – and even less of that roughly 2% actually make it to publication. Self-Publishing the Hard Way is a how-to guide for aspiring authors to use when they’re considering self-publishing their manuscript. As the author of three self-published novels and a children’s picture book, Brian Parker uses his experience to help you achieve the goal of publishing your books for the first time in an easygoing and simple narrative.

The guide takes you through the basics of formatting your work for both a novel and for a picture book, choosing a printing service, listing the work for sale and what to do after the manuscript has been published, including promoting your book and offers some helpful record-keeping tips.

Self-Publishing the Hard Way is meant to be a holistic view of the self-publishing industry, as experienced by the author. Throughout the guide, he uses examples of mistakes that he made during the process and what he did at each step to overcome those obstacles. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to know more about the self-publishing process from someone who has been in your shoes and learned by trial and error.

LINK. www.tinyrul.com/Self-Parker

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