This is how our society was formed…

I gotta hand it to the guy. He knows how to play on the fears of the crowd. There’s not a single person who didn’t know someone that knew someone who’d been murdered outside of the gates of Virden.

“Now is the time, children. Now we see what the price of disloyalty and incompetence is. Obey me and you will survive. Disobey me and your fate will be similar.”

He slapped me even harder on the shoulder than before. “Chuck. The honor of the first blow to this traitor goes to you.” He turned off the bullhorn again and leaned in to speak quietly to me. “Don’t fuck this up son,” he muttered. “I know what you’re thinking, don’t end it quickly and bash in his brains. He’s going to suffer for his transgressions.”

I nodded numbly and stepped away from him. The length of steel rebar felt heavy in my hand as I raised it over my head. Dustin’s eye went wide as he realized that this was really the end and he screamed behind his gag. The flat side of the bar landed on his clavicle and crushed the bones that help to support his shoulder.

My world started to go black as my heart pounded blood into my brain. I fell to one knee, but I stayed upright. From out of the fog, I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone asked me to let go of the bar. I released it but I didn’t hear it fall to the ground. The gentle hand guided me a few feet away and then spun me around to watch the punishment be meted out.

The town’s residents were lined up and forced to take part in carrying out Dustin’s death sentence. Every person was made to either hit him once with the metal bar or stab him with the knife to ensure everyone took part in the prosecution of Allan’s justice. This was how our society was formed. This is how the town of Virden created its ruthless killers and made a deity out of a man who had once been on some stupid reality television show

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