Death of 1,000 Cuts

I learned a lot about killing that night. I also learned that the men and women on the gathering squad were pretty sadistic. I have no problem with killing one of those things with a well placed blow, or three, to the head or an axe to the throat, but some of the folks took it way too far.

Justin, another member of Dustin’s personal hit squad, was particularly evil. When given the opportunity to kill a creature without any more of them around, he took his time. I saw him break the kneecaps of one so it was pretty immobile and then he used one of those short Japanese knives, I think it’s called a tanto or something, to systematically cut it to shreds. I overheard him say that he’d always wanted to know how realistic ancient China’s “Death of a Thousand Cuts” was. It took a long, long time for that thing to die. It was a gruesome, but valuable lesson: When you take away human emotions and the ability to feel pain, a creature can sustain a lot of blood loss from minor wounds.

The creatures seemed to come in waves. We’d bash in the heads of two or three at a time, then there wouldn’t be any more for twenty or thirty minutes, then several more would stumble out of the woods around the distribution center. It was strange given what I’d seen previously. Every one of the freaks that Rebecca and I saw when we were on the road was solitary and even attacked others like themselves. These ones didn’t seem to pay any attention to the creatures traveling with them. They just wanted to get at the uninfected and attack us.

I decided to file that information away for our trip south also. We saw the freaks as more of a nuisance than anything else, but if these things started working together as a mob, then we might have a problem.

/// Want to read more? Watch for Unclean Wonderland in the late summer/early fall of 2014! ////

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