I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to share the cover for “Dark Embers” in the next few days with everyone. The novel is coming along nicely, the three story arcs are coming together in the next twenty or so pages and then the climactic finish to the Path of Ashes series! I want to be complete with the rough draft by the time “GNASH” comes out from Permuted on 09 Feb.

Audiobook production is moving along on “The Collective Protocol” and “Fireside” and I anticipate both being available sometime in Mar/Apr. Unfortunately, I decided to go a different route than planned with the producer for “Battle Damage Assessment” so I’ll need to find a new voice actor for that book.

I’ve been sketching out some ideas and I’m very excited about my sci-fi noir thriller “The Immorality Clause” which will be the first book in my new Easytown series following a homicide detective in a futuristic world that resembles America in the 1950s when gadgets were all the rage (even though half the time, they didn’t work) — I’ve even began writing a few scenes, but I’m trying to not distract too much time away from finishing “Dark Embers”.

Packages went out yesterday with some promotional material for my series “Washington, Dead City” to all the folks who volunteered to be a part of it, so check your mailboxes in a few days. Thank you, again!

Finally, wow. I had no idea how popular audiobooks were, and I’ve only got two of my books available right now… I’ll just leave it at that!

Thanks for all your support and continued interaction! Oh, and of course: Please help spread the word about me and my writing!