Melee Weapon?


I’ve discussed the ideal weapon for the everyday, average person at length with folks and I still believe an aluminum baseball bat is the best choice for a melee weapon in the hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

Think about it. Everyone’s go-to is to say that they’d use a sword. #1, how many people actually have a sword (that isn’t one of those cheap decorative things that would break quickly)? #2, how many people know HOW to use a sword (it’s not as easy as you think and you’d be more likely to injure yourself or your team as you swing, thrust, put it in a scabbard, etc)? and #3, what about maintaining it (keeping the edges sharp, free from rust, not cutting yourself again)?

An aluminum baseball bat is virtually indestructible, can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon, can be slid through the handles of certain types of double doors to keep them closed, doesn’t need any maintenance, no skill required and can be found just about anywhere. I choose a bat…how ’bout you?