I continually chastise myself about neglecting my blog. Whether it’s due to not enough time, forgetfulness or sometimes outright refusal to participate in yet another social media platform, the blog almost always loses out to other pursuits. Added to that is the fact that I had to turn off comments because the sheer bombardment of spam to the page was overwhelming. Naturally, I feel that I have better interaction with people on my Facebook page because no one can comment here!  However, I must update this blog more often…

I’ll be posting some sections from my upcoming zombie apocalypse books “REND” and “SEVER” during the month of October. Both books will be released by Permuted Press in the Mar/Apr 2016 timeframe.

Now, for some news! “Fireside, book 2 of the Path of Ashes” is complete and with my editor Aurora. The book will release on Veterans’ Day, November 11th, and is available for pre-order from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

POA and Fireside

Also, if you’re arriving late to the post-apocalyptic party and haven’t read “A Path of Ashes, book 1” yet, here’s where you can find it on Amazon US and Amazon UK.


In other news, I spent a few hours last night building an email distribution list on MailChimp. I’ve never done anything like that before, but several people have berated me repeatedly that I needed to establish an email marketing campaign. So, I put it together, did some research on best times to email market (Thursday, 8-10 am, BTW) and scheduled an email announcing “Fireside” and also to remind the folks who’ve agreed to leave a review for “Enduring Armageddon” to do so.  I’m hopeful that some good will come from it… Are you on the list? If not, you can email me at MuddyBootsPress@gmail.com and I’ll add you! As you can tell by how often I update my blog, I won’t be sending out very many emails!