New Origins Description

I updated the description of ‘Origins of the Outbreak’ to more appropriately describe the comedy side of the book. What do y’all think?

We love zombie apocalypse novels, but the overused clichés often cause us to roll our eyes. Honestly, how many times can a stereotype be used in a zombie novel? Well… at least one more time!

‘Origins of the Outbreak’ is a collection of short stories that build upon one another to tell the complete story of how a zombie plague passes from the proverbial patient zero to others, creating near-epidemic proportions. Along the way, that sad, clichéd cast of characters will be visited in a hilariously gory good time as they attempt to deal with the mysterious illness that’s being kept under wraps by the authorities.

There’s the unassuming hero with a dead-end job, the ditzy stripper, the drunk and lonely housewife, the prepper, the grizzled military veteran, the nosey reporter, high-energy soccer moms, the obligatory well-meaning scientist and a whole cast of social rejects who all have a part to play in this satirical look at the zombie apocalypse.

Who will survive and who will become just another set of teeth in the crowd? Read on and discover for yourself!

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