I have been writing and writing…then writing some more! Currently, I’m working on ‘Fireside: Book 2 of The Path of Ashes.” I’ve also been pimping the new anthology ‘Bite-Sized Offerings: Tales and Legends of the Zombie Apocalypse’ that I’m part of, answering a few interview questionnaires and trying to read through a few submissions to Muddy Boots Press.

I’m at about 65K words in ‘Fireside’ and the end of the story is forming up nicely in my head. Here’s an UNEDITED excerpt from the section I wrote today:

They burst into the sleeping area of the supermarket and Aeric began waving his arms above his head, shouting, “Everyone needs to leave now! This place is about to be overran by demonwolves.”

Several of the residents looked up from where they crouched, attempting to render aid to the injured who’d emerged from the tunnels below the supermarket. “Leave them! They’re going to die anyways,” he yelled as he shoved a woman away from a teenager covered with lacerations, including a cut on his thigh deep enough to see the quivering muscle beneath the skin. His femoral artery whipped back and forth, spraying blood everywhere. The kid was a goner and wouldn’t survive more than a few minutes at best, Aeric thought. That’s when he noticed the blood-soaked square of cloth on his shirt.

The ear-shattering screech of bone claws raking against the cardboard crushing machine’s metal walls tore his eyes from the identification marking on the boy’s shirt to the back room. The fucking beasts had made it out of the tunnels. It wouldn’t be long before they ripped their way through the thin steel side of the holding area.

Aeric bent over the boy, heedless of the blood spraying across his face and hands, and grasped his shirt, pulling his upper body up off of the ground. “Claw! Claw, look at me. Where is Jimenez?”

The boy’s eyes refused to focus on him as he answered, “Told me to let… wolves out. Went to….”

Aeric shook the kid violently and asked through clenched teeth, “Dammit, Claw! Where did Jimenez go?”

“North… northern gate,” Claw answered breathlessly, his head lolling backwards, stretching to the limit his skin allowed.

“Goddammit, Claw! What about the Northern Gate?” he asked as he shook him again. Aeric whipped the boy’s body hard so that his chin rested on his chest and he could look at his ruined face. “What’s he doing up there? Claw! Is he going to Tennyson?”

The Vulture’s eyes stared off towards the light of one of the torches. He was too far gone to form words. Aeric dropped his torso heavily to the ground and stood up. He turned to Tyler and said, “Jimenez escaped. He’s going to the Northern Gate. I don’t know if he’s trying to block off our escape route or if he’s trying to leave before the demonwolves kill everything they see, but we need to stop him.”

Tyler looked at Claw’s blood streaming down Aeric’s face in disgust. “We can warn people about the general evacuation on the way there. Let’s go.”

They ran as fast as their tired, broken bodies would carry them from the supermarket. Behind them, the piercing shrieks of residents who’d chosen to ignore their warnings about the demonwolves echoed across the Barrio and they died by the hundreds.