This weekend, I’ve had the fortune to be at the HOTCon in Waco selling my books. My faith in our youth comes and goes at these events. I have kids – and quite a few adults, actually – who walk by and say stupid things like, “Books are so old, where’s the video games?” I wonder if they realize that an extensive amount of writing goes into the video games that are any good.

Anyways, at other times, people will come by and be so excited about meeting an author, even a small fish like me. It’s humbling and exciting at the same time. So for those of you who’ve stopped by and talked to me this weekend, thank you.

I’ve been asked by a lot of people if my work is available on audiobook and I always answer, “Not yet.” Truth be told, I didn’t even know the process to get a book into audiobook format until this morning. Amazon has a program called ACX which allows authors to hook up with a producer who will find voice talent for them and produce the book. The biggest problem that I see with the setup is that it doesn’t lay out costs, which I hear can be substantial for an indie author. I may experiment with one of my books to see how this goes, but only time will tell if it’s worth it….