Did you know?

Hmmm, lots of good info in the style sheet that the Permuted Press editor provided to me based on his edit of “Enduring Armageddon”




Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, online ed.



GLOBAL CHANGES (Track Changes off)


Replaced double spaces with single.

Replaced hyphens (-) and en dashes (–) with em dashes (—) where appropriate.

Pulled hyphens from words that should not be hyphenated and vise-versa.

Commas, punctuation follow house style.




numbers—Spelled out whole numbers zero through one hundred and certain round multiples of those numbers (CMS 9.2). Exceptions, per CMS guidelines.


abbreviations—Generally no periods (US, LA), per CMS.


book and movie titles—these are italicized.


comma splices—when two sentences are joined into one longer sentence by a comma I have broken them in two.


tense shifts—shifted verbs into the correct tense as needed. Generally this was changing present tense verbs to past tense. Occasionally this means changing past tense verbs to past perfect tense (EG: “ran” to “had run”)


capitalization—civic, military, religious, academic titles, etc. are not capitalized unless used as part of a proper name (General Patton, Bishop Sheen, Mayor Smith, Professor Richards but the general, the the bishop, the mayor, the professor). Branches of the military are not capitalized unless the full name is used (the US Army, but the army). Brand names (Velcro, Popsicle, etc). God, except when used in a generic sense (EG: Apollo is a god) is treated as a proper name and capitalized.


tense slips—corrected slips, usually when present tense was used in a past tense sentence, and suggested use of past perfect tense when appropriate.