Sever is in the “books”

Emotionally exhausted. The first draft of “SEVER” is complete!

The story ended way differently than I ever thought it would when I began writing it. If you remember, I took a break at 25K into the book and wrote “Battle Damage Assessment” and then returned to “SEVER”. I don’t recommend doing something like that, but the space gave me an opportunity to see the story from a different angle and approach it as it needed to be told, not how I wanted it to go.

“SEVER” is book three of my “Washington, Dead City” series that started with “GNASH”. I hadn’t planned on expanding that world into a three-book series, but Permuted requested that I do it and now, at the end (of the first draft!) I am thankful for that. The entire story needed to be told. Characters whom I thought were going to have bit parts and not be much ended up basically stealing the show, while others that I believed would be the heroes fizzled when their moment came.

I have a long road ahead of me editing this first draft into a useable manuscript for submission, but the story is complete. Thank you everyone for all your support! “Washington, Dead City” will be released over the course of Feb, Mar and Apr 2016; I hope you all have the opportunity to read the three novels once they come out!