From my current WIP, Book 3 of the Washington, Dead City series. As usual, unedited, this will undergo extensive editing by me, my editor Aurora and then by Permuted editors, this is just where the book is going!

The small satellite radio sitting on the front slope of the tank began blaring the emergency broadcast signal and several of the men from the company wondered over towards Mike’s tank. The radio had long ago stopped that noisy nonsense because everything was an emergency, so this must have actually been something important to the men on the ground. He glanced at the Chaos officers and NCOs and smiled; best to put on a good face.

Once the series of beeps reached a crescendo, they stopped and a female’s voice came out of the speakers. “This is the Emergency Alert System. There have been confirmed reports of multiple commercial airliners shot down over both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Last night, seven airliners filled with U.S. citizens were shot down by a combined European Union response and at least four planes bound for Australia and China have disappeared. No one has claimed responsibility for the Pacific flights.

“In a statement given by the President of the European Union, Viktor Blythe has stated that the planes were ordered to divert from the European continent before they were ultimately fired upon. From this point forward, planes or boats from the Americas will be allowed to cross the 30th Meridian for fear of allowing the zombie virus to spread beyond the Western Hemisphere. This is a major departure from Mr. Blythe’s previous declaration that the EU would assist the United States in any way possible. It would appear that we are truly alone in our fight against the zombies.

“In a joint statement this morning, the U.S. and the Canadian government have issued a general evacuation for the eastern sections of their respective nations. Every U.S. citizen east of the Appalachian Mountains is ordered to move westward to refugee processing centers in Birmingham, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio, Cleveland and Buffalo. If you live in the eastern part of Canada, you are ordered to move west of Ottawa to collection queues in Toronto, Barrie and Sudbury.”

The woman’s voice was replaced by a computer-generated male voice, “This has been an announcement from the Emergency Alert System. Standby for a repeat of the message.” The EAS tones sounded again and the men stared at each other in silence.

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