Workin’ it

My book Origins of the Outbreak is with my editor, Aurora Dewater and my friend and awesome beta reader Andrea Goergen. I’ve gotten one run-thru with Aurora already (we usually do at least two) and Andrea will start reading at the end of the week -she’s enrolled in a class hat’s taken up all of her free time. Soon… Soon I will unleash Origins upon the world!

Until then, I’ve geen extremely busy at work, took a kick-ass two-hour helicopter ride of our battlespace yesterday (ok, honestly, I’ve had way better helo trips for the “thrill” factor, flying nap of the earth and such, but it was GREAT to get off the FOB and see the country – remember, I’m an Iraq vet, this is my forst time in Afghanistan).

Writing when I can. I’m about 6K words into my new book SEVER, which is book three of my Washington, Dead City series for Permuted Press. Lookin’ forward to getting some time to write after this deployment!

Keep up the faith, my books from Permuted will be out aooner than you can believe… Until then, I do have four other books available!

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