Origins Outline

So I’m not usually an outliner, but I wanted to outline the book so I’d know where I was going and the progression of the virus from person to person (that I choose to write about, obviously for an epidemic, there’s a lot of things happening that I won’t follow).

Here’s where I’m going, the “>” means that section is already written!

Day One (Thursday)
>The Graduate Student (4:50 p.m.) – Steven rushing out of work
>The Sorority Girl (6:20 p.m.) – Blonde Karen and Cara brunette pixie cut attacked by grad
>The Campus Security guard (7:05 p.m.) – Kyle, attacked by karen and cara (hand cuffs them together)
>The Tattoo Artist (9:12 p.m.) – Trent (gf is Trisha, stripper) out for a smoke attacked by grad student
>The Delivery Guy (9:41 p.m.) – Pizza delivery guy Gregg attacked by security guard
>The Gamer (10:40 p.m.) – Rick, waiting on pizza, attacked by pizza guy
>The Exotic Dancer (1:39 a.m.) – Trisha (Trent’s gf) attacked by tattoo artist as she’s driving around looking for him. Graduate Student is hit by her car, fucked up
>The Thursday Reveler (2:05 a.m.) – Jake. Partier coming home attacked by security guard
>The Pub Manager (3:10) – Sean; attacked by partier

Day Two (Friday)
>The Baker (4:30 a.m.) – Robin attacked by gamer
>The Sergeant (5:25 a.m.) – Military guy going to PT attacked by security guard
The Construction Worker (8:22 a.m.) – Burly construction guy attacked by bar manager
The Clubbers (10:28 a.m.) – Golf party at country club attacked by karen and cara handcuffed (kills her w/club)
The Happy Wife (11:41 a.m.) – Drunk homemaker attacked by construction guy
The Field Reporter – (12:05 p.m.) – News reporter discussing attacks on scene stuff happens in background
The Hippie (12:52 p.m.) – working at natural foods store attacked by stripper (boobs out)
The Quitter (2:16 p.m.) – Suicidal man attacked by pizza guy (survives, kills pizza guy, goes zombie hunting, shot by police)
The Bible Thumper (3:19 p.m.) – Christian homemaker attacked by construction guy and drunk homemaker
The Businessman (5:27 p.m.) – man who’s fed up with job driving home partier attacks him at traffic light
The Coffee Drinker (7:23 p.m.) – Gay guy at Starbucks couldn’t go without it, attacked by military guy
The Risk Takers (9:28 p.m.) – Two kids getting’ it on in car attacked by baker
The Desk Anchor (11:02 p.m.) – News reporter 11 o’clock news attacked on air by gay guy – Belton lost

Day Three (Saturday) – Killeen, not Belton
The Goth (12:25 a.m.) – punk wants to meet zombie attacked by Christian homemaker
The Redneck (5:38 a.m.) – Country bumpkin attacked by stripper (boobs out)
The Barista (6:02 a.m.) – at local coffee shop attacked by goth
The Firefighter (6:31 a.m.) – attacked by karen
The Shield (7:09 a.m.) – Police officer at grocery store riot attacked by two sex kids
The Prepper (7:17 a.m.) – Zombie prepper attacked by several at once, survives
The Squad (7:43 a.m.) – Army squad on base base overrun
The Teacher (8:12 a.m.) – Middle school teacher on post attacked by baker
The Last Chance (9:20 p.m.) – Air Force pilot drops bombs on area

Day Four (Sunday) – Texas
The Leftovers (8:14 a.m.) – End with university grad student biologist, several other zombies walking down road – limping from getting hit by a Wrangler

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