Damn spammers!

So I’ve been extremely frustrated with my webpage because the spammers do nothing but fill up the page with spam. I noticed that there was a certain post that was just overwhelmed with spam, so I just deleted it. Pissed off and grumpy now.

I’ve always wanted to leave my blog open to comments so I could interact with readers, but I’m just about at the point now where I’m going to disable comments and simply use it as a means of putting out info. I get about thirty spam messages a day, not bad considering the same thing happens to email, just annoying because it’s another step that I have to take in order to get rid of them and deleting a coment isn’t as easy as deleting an email.

Hopefully deleting that one post will bring it back to a manageable level, if not, I feel like I have no choice but to disable comments. We’ll see…

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