Origins of the Outbreak

Unedited section from my new work in progress:

The Thursday Reveler (2:05 a.m.)

Sean gently pushed him gently out of the pub’s door and Jake hit the railing. He started to fall backwards down the steps. “Whoa, fuck!” he shouted, grabbing the rail to keep from falling.
“Hey, douche! You coulda just told me to leave!” Jake yelled at the door as the manager locked it. He flipped the bird at Sean, who shook his head at him through the window, and turned drunkenly towards the parking lot.
“Fuck!” he said loudly and tried to recover his balance. He almost had it, but his top half wouldn’t cooperate and he tumbled down the stairs in slow motion. Some asshole must’ve shortened the steps when I was inside. How were customers supposed to have a good time when they kicked everyone out early and people were running around changing the stairs while they were inside?
Jake shoved the hood of his shirt off his head where it had landed and glared at the pub from the bottom of the short flight of steps. Eventually he sighed and pushed himself upright. Even though it was One Dollar Longneck night, he’d still spent most of the money that he had. “Oh well, I blew too much money anyways,” he muttered and tried to fish his keys out of his pocket.
He successfully retrieved them and walked in a jagged line to the car. The thought that he should call a cab briefly crossed his mind, but he discarded the idea as another expense that he couldn’t afford. It just didn’t make sense to get a cab to go the two miles to his apartment. It was a straight shot down Walnut Street from the pub and he’d driven it a hundred times over his years at the school.
Jake tapped the unlock button on his key fob and redirected himself away from a similar black sedan. He placed a forearm against the back seat’s window and leaned heavily against his car. After several unsuccessful attempts to open the driver’s door, he finally got it open and sat down in the seat.
He tried to fit the key into the ignition, but the damn thing wouldn’t go so he gently turned the steering wheel back and forth – sometimes it locked up and that helped the key to turn. It still didn’t work and he pulled the keys out in frustration and held them up into the dim light of his car’s interior.
“Goddammit,” he murmured and slapped his hand ineffectually against the door handle. “I need… light.”
Somehow, Jake’s hand caught against the handle and the door clicked open. Yes! he congratulated himself and shoved against the door. It went flying outward and he barely caught himself on the steering wheel.
“Sombitch,” he cursed and then began to giggle. “Didn’t get me!”
He held the keys up into the weak dome lighting and realized that he’d been using his apartment key instead of the car key. The older cars like his didn’t have the fancy molded plastic keys like the new ones; all the keys on his key ring were plain nickel-colored metal.
He sorted through them until he found the GM key and once again crammed it into the ignition. It slid in without any problems this time. Jake snorted at his stupidity and reached out to close the door.
A low moan startled him and he instinctively jerked his hand away from the handle. “What the fuck?”
The moan repeated from somewhere behind him and he checked is rearview mirror. His eyes went wide and he jerked the keys from the ignition when he saw the cop sauntering his way. Jake tried his hardest to remember if it was legal for him to be sitting in a car – drunk – if the keys weren’t in the ignition. Or was it still considered a DUI? Dammit, why didn’t I pay more attention in Criminology class?
He did the only thing he could think to do and chucked the keys in the back seat. There was no way that the cop could say he was planning on driving, Jake was just sitting in his car trying to sleep it off. He chuckled to himself once more because he’d outsmarted the police.
The noise rang out in the night once again and he whipped his head around. “Was that… Did the cop just yell at me or something?”
No one was in the car to answer him so he just placed both hands plainly on the steering wheel and waited for the man to arrive. His features were hidden in shadow, but something seemed similar about the cop to Jake. He couldn’t quite put a finger on it until the guy was near the back of his car.
Then he recognized Kyle, the campus rent-a-cop. Must be mad that I hit his little go cart earlier. Suddenly Jake got extremely mad. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?
Jake stood on shaky legs and pointed a finger at the security guard. “Hey!” he shouted. “You’re not on school property and you don’t have jurisdiction out here.”
Kyle stopped and tilted his head like he was seeing Jake for the first time. It was really creepy and a chill ran down his spine involuntarily. The security guard’s features were still draped in shadow and Jake couldn’t help but feel like the night was going strangely – even with the twelve-pack that he’d put away at the pub.
“You hear me, bro?” Jake said with more confidence than he felt. “You ain’t got no right to be out here pretending to be a cop.”
Kyle continued to regard him with a tilted head and then he leapt.

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  1. Oh, hell, yeah! Now I am excited all over again.