Nearing the end of the first draft for REND

She ran for another two blocks and realized that she was all alone and slowed to a walk to catch her breath and stretch out her aching oblique muscles. Somewhere along the way she’d either become disoriented and took a wrong turn or Steve had ducked into a building without getting her attention. Figures, she loathed in her mind. That crazy jerk is probably trying to use me as bait to lure the horde away from him so he can be rescued. The apartment building was his idea, I bet he used me so he could escape. That asshole!
Her mind continued to develop harsher scenarios about Steve leaving her for dead and she began to realize how terrified of being alone in the city she actually was. She risked a quick glance back towards the harbor and couldn’t see anything through the fog, but the moans of the zombies were as clear as a bell; they were still coming after her. She looked around at the buildings surrounding her in despair. None of the doors looked particularly better than the next so she rushed over to a door and tried tugging on it to open it up, but it was locked.
She jogged down to the building’s next door, which was locked as well. She shook the door in frustration and kicked it with her boot. “Fuck!” she yelled. The goddamned zombies knew that she was here, being quiet wasn’t going to change that.
“Hey!” Steve yelled from around the opposite corner. “There you are. I’ve been looking all over the place for you.”
Relief flooded over her and Steve the Asshole had suddenly become Steve the Savior in her mind. “Oh, thank God!” she cried as she ran across the street and hugged him. “I was so worried that you left me.”
“I wouldn’t do that, I came back for you after I realized you weren’t with me. I found an unlocked apartment building just around the corner. Looks like it has a flat roof, so a helicopter would be able to land up there and take us out of this hellhole.”
Allyson released her grip on him and nodded in agreement. “I just want to get off the street.”
“Okay, come on, it’s right over here,” Steve said right before a cacophony of wails from the undead bounced off the closed-in walls of the city around them.
“Shit!” the lawyer whispered as he looked around frantically for a place to go. His gaze rested on a large moving van that sat down the block opposite the direction that they wanted to go, but much closer to them than the apartment building. “Hey, it’s unlocked. We can hide until they pass us by.”
“Do you think it will work?” she asked.
“Yeah, if we’re quiet and they can’t see us, we’ll be fine.”
They rushed over to the van and climbed into the cab. Allyson knew it wouldn’t help anything if the creatures noticed them, but she reached out and pushed the door lock lever down before she wiggled into the cargo area and lay down next to Steve.
The undead passed by the abandoned vehicle in waves searching for the two humans who had eluded their master’s trap.

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