Day of reflection

With the shootings on Fort Hood last week, we were given today off as a day of reflection and remembrance. We’re supposed to deal with the event in any way that we need. Since I’m a writer, I guess I’ll write a paragraph about how I feel.

Life is fleeting, those poor soldiers just went to work like any other day, no clue that anything about that particular Wednesday would be any different. Workplace violence is nothing new, but it seems to happen a lot more than it should. I get it, you want to kill yourself because you’re not happy with life, money problems, etc. I even understand – but don’t condone – killing a specific person who wronged you. But why the hell would someone just shoot random people? Any positive memories that others may have had about you are now gone forever. If you believed that your family will miss you when you’re gone, guess what, not gonna happen. You’re a dirty murderer who ruined their lives and the lives of countless other people who knew your victims. Your wife and children will forever be marked with the stigma of what you did, even though they had nothing to do with it. Those cute kids of yours, yeah they’ll be in therapy for a long time trying to work through what you did to them. You are a coward who checked out in the shittiest way possible and you’ll rot in hell for all eternity.

I’m done reflecting. Thank you for this opportunity to reflect, Boss. It actually was cathartic to write that statement.

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