I got the email from the Permuted Press contract writer last night… they want the Washington, Dead City series books 1-3 (GNASH, REND and SEVER) AND they want Enduring Armageddon! In the next couple of weeks the contract will arrive and I’ll have to pull GNASH and Enduring Armageddon from the market. Those two books will have a tentative re-release date of Summer 2015 with the others being released at a future date (I’m about 40% complete with REND right now). I will still have my pre-existing inventory of paperback copies of GNASH available for purchase from me directly, but they won’t be available through Amazon, B&N, etc until Permuted re-releases them in 2015.

I’m so happy about this. Permuted is the only company that I sent my book to because they are the only company that I even had any desire to work with. I’ve been extremely happy being a totally independent author, but I felt like I was nearing the limit of my ability to promote my own work to a wider audience than I already have gained (who, by the way are all awesome!). Thank you everyone for your support!

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