Here’s a rough outline (so far!) of REND

“REND”, the second book in the “Washington, Dead City” series, takes place six years after the end of “GNASH”. President Holmes realized that there were too many zombies to handle, so the former capital of Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area around the point of impact (34-mile radius to be exact) has been encircled by a brick structure known as The Wall.

Behind this lurk millions of creatures and the FBI discovers that organized crime families have been kidnapping victims and depositing them inside The Wall because besides any struggle at the kidnapping site, it eliminates all evidence against them. They’ve also been inserting specialized dive teams who infiltrate The Wall via the Chesapeake and travel to the formerly affluent areas to rob the banks, steal jewelry and valuable objects.

Kestrel is a retired field operative that is recalled as the tactical team leader for a group of archaeologists who have been tasked with recovering the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights from the infected city. The FBI lost contact with the first team that went in, the last thing they heard was a radio transmission stating that they were being fired at by someone from inside The Wall.

To add a layer of complexity to the story, there are several of the Type One zombies who survived the war and have set up their own territories within The Wall.

/// I anticipate being complete with REND by the late fall/early winter 2014 ///

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