Some of the Type-Ones Survived

He hesitated because he wasn’t entirely certain about what he was looking at in the strange IR light. It was shaped like a large man and he called out softly to him, “Hey, what are you doing?”

That was the last thing Bodie Clifford said as the creature covered the distance between the stairwell and the two men. Jake watched in horror as Bodie’s head was twisted from his body and his corpse slumped sideways onto the carpet. He squealed in horror when the creature turned towards him.

Jake dropped his rifle and tried to sprint past the thing that had just killed his friend, but it snagged his radiation suit and pulled him backwards. It wrapped both arms around him and squeezed hard enough that several of his ribs snapped like brittle twigs. Jake’s arms flailed wildly as the creature picked him up over its head and slammed his back against its knee. His lower vertebrae sliced through his spinal cord and he was instantly paralyzed below the waist.

The thing let his ruined body fall to the floor and it watched him claw pathetically at the carpet to get away. After a few moments it reached down and grabbed his arm. Jake screamed in pain again when the creature dragged him towards the stairs and jerked his shoulder out of socket in the process.

Through the haze of pain and injuries, Jake felt his body lift up over the railing and then he was falling, falling, falling until he slammed onto the ground floor. His body went into shock and he passed out before the first of the zombies who waited below for their master’s gift fell upon him.

//This is a 100% unedited sample from my upcoming book “REND”, so errors will be corrected in the editing process//

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