GNASH Sequel

For lack of a better term right now, I’m going to use a working title of “GNASH 2” but that will most definitely NOT be the name of the book.

Here’s an excerpt from the Prologue:

He pressed his face against the bars in an effort to see better. Two hands reached out of the blackness and grasped his head. He tried to pull back but the hands held him like a vice. They pulled his head further into the bars and if something didn’t stop them, he’d get his head stuck soon. As the hands continued to pull him in he began to blackout from the pressure of his head against the rails. Jeffrey kicked at the gate, which rattled and shook as he tried to pull away while someone pulled him in. He began to get desperate as his vision started to show bright bursts of pain at the edges. Finally he grabbed the pistol grip of his rifle and begged for them to let him go. Something scraped across the top of his head and blood began to pour freely into his eyes.

With a practiced motion, his thumb slid along his rifle’s selector switch and rotated it from safe to 3-round burst and he jerked the trigger into his attacker. Nothing happened. The hands continued to pull his head deeper into the bars and the weird moaning continued. He emptied the 30-round magazine into the shape on the other side of the gate. Finally the pressure relented slightly, but the hands still held on to his head. He pulled backwards but he was jerked violently forward again. It was enough force to pull his head completely through the bars. The last thing he saw were several grotesque arms snake out of the night and wrap around his head. The arms twisted in unison and Private First Class Callahan’s head separated completely from his body with the sickening sound of ripped muscle and burst arteries. The remainder of his body fell lifeless on the safe side of The Wall.

**UPDATE** the sequel to GNASH will be called REND

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