EA is in the books!

It’s been a huge night. I just completed the first draft of “Enduring Armageddon”! Now I’ve got several weeks of my own editing ahead of me before I send it off to my editor to make it presentable.

For fun, here’s the first and last paragraph of the book:

We made our way towards the open community of Virden, Illinois. People still maintained the state’s name for prosperity’s sake, but no one really cared about states or boundaries anymore after the nuclear war had devastated most of the major cities and all of the military bases. Becca and I left our apartment in the suburbs of Chicago when the radiation freaks and scavengers became too dangerous to ignore. We fled with the few supplies that we could cram into our backpacks and abandoned every other possession that we’d worked our whole pathetic lives for.

As the gates of Balmorhea slammed shut behind us, we set out on the first leg of our journey. This was our next great adventure. Out there in the mountains lay either our salvation or our death. I’d come to terms with the fact that we would never be totally safe and that our lives would always be difficult, but we would endure the Armageddon and I’d make every moment count for something. We owed that much to each other. I owed it to my new family.

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