Self-Publishing the Hard Way

Alright, if you’ve been following my Facebook page posts, you’ll know that I’m currently writing a self-publishing help guide based on my experiences doing so called “Self-Publishing the Hard Way”. Here’s the table of contents…does it look like something that will interest you?!

Chapter One: First Things First
Chapter Two: Your Manuscript is Complete… Sort Of
– Choose Your Method of Self-Publishing
– Cover Artwork
– The Book Description is How You Generate Interest
– Your Author Bio
– Cover and Copyright Pages
– ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
– Choosing Your Work’s BISAC Categories and Search Keywords
– Not All Companies are Created the Same
– My Go-To eBook Distributors
– Print On Demand Publishing Companies
– Pricing Your Book and Getting Paid
Chapter Three: Oh What Fun it is to Format!
– General Formatting Tips for Both eBooks and Print Versions
– Formatting Your eBook
– Interior Files
– Cover Setup
– Formatting Your Print Book
– Margins
– Personal Formatting Preferences
– Converting Your Files to a PDF
– Paperback Covers
– Dust Jacket for Your Hardcover
– Ah, the Children’s Picture Book
– Formatting Your Pictures
– Casewrap Cover
Chapter Four: Congratulations, You’re a Published Author! Now What?
– It’s All About the Media Baby!
– Customer Reviews
– Author’s Pages
– Sales Links, Synopsis and Elevator Pitches
– Social Media
– Other Ways to Get the Word Out
– Promoting Your Work
– Marketing Your Work
– Making a Sale in Person
– Nothing in Life is Certain Except…
Chapter Five: What’s Next?
– The Dream of Seeing Your Book on the Store Shelf
– Traditional Publisher
– Publishing Your Next Book
Wrap it Up Already!
About the Author and Acknowledgements

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