Ok, so I kinda feel like I’m pretty good at marketing myself on facebook. I’ve got a solid group of people who like my page and about 30-40 people who actually interact regularly there (thanks guys!). Tonight my wife asked me how much longer I planned on marketing GNASH via facebook.

My initial answer was, “Forever!” but I know that’s not realistic, in fact after a while it would probably just get annoying for the fans of the page. I’m working on new stuff (see this webpage!) but right now, GNASH is all I’ve got… I know there are a ton of other social media and web outlets out there to help get the word out, Twitter being one of those. I sent my first tweet a couple of months ago, but since I opened up in July, I’ve sent a grand total of 20 tweets. Not very awe-inspiring. But again, I don’t want to annoy people since the one thing I’ve got available is the one book.

It’s a truly frustrating dilemma. How DO you interact with people and continue to spread the word about your work without being annoying? This is a question that everyone who has a product to sell has asked themselves at some point.

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