And UW has taken a turn into uncharted territory…

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Alejandro looked back and forth between Jesse and I. “Do you think the people inside would be alright with me? I mean, look at me. I’m a freak. Just like those other ones…and I know what you do to them.”

“You’re different. The ones we killed would have attacked us and tore us to pieces,” Jesse said.

“How do you know? You killed them from the roof without any interaction with them at all. I mean, these ones would have, but what if there were a group of people like me traveling together?” Alejandro asked.

There it was. I’d been thinking the same thing myself. What if we’d inadvertently killed people who were just sick and not some type of twisted creature like those others were? I didn’t like to dwell on it, but it was definitely a possibility, but it presented us with a sticky problem. Undoubtedly, the majority of the ones we’d seen were lost beyond reason, however, now I might hesitate before killing one of them. That hesitation could get me or Rebecca, or anyone in our group for that matter, killed.

Then it hit me. “Alejandro, can you tell if people are like you or if they’re like the things that we can’t reason with and want to kill everything around them?”

He paused with a spoonful of tuna halfway to his mouth. “I don’t know. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. I did recognize Harley right away. I saw her walking in the ruins of Dallas one day and I knew she was different than the others I’d seen. I also knew the group I joined up with wasn’t totally like me when I first saw them. Maybe I can sense it or something,” he said.

“That’s really interesting,” I replied. “We’ll have to be very careful how we deal with the infected from now on. Now that we know that people like Alejandro exist, we can’t just go about killing indiscriminately.”

“Well, except for the few we’ve hit on the road with the truck, I can guarantee that every one of them that I killed was crazy as hell,” Jesse stated. “Come to think of it, the ones we hit were because they tried to jump onto the truck as we drove by, so they were just like the others.”

I thought back all the way to my very first interaction with those things, to the one that ambushed me while I was taking a shit. For each of the ones I personally killed, they were trying to attack me. “I’m in the same boat,” I said out loud. “For the most part, I’ve always had to defend myself against these things from up close and personal. Obviously, I’ve survived to dread another day.”

“I’m definitely not defending what they do, far from it. Just, maybe, I don’t know…ask it a question before you kill it,” Alejandro shrugged.

“I think we can figure something out,” Jasper said reassuringly. “Are you sure that you want to stay outside? Aren’t you worried about frostbite since you can’t feel the cold?”

“I think I’m beyond that, but…ok, I’ll come inside if I can stay on the opposite side of the room from the fireplace.”

“Deal. Let’s go back,” I said. “I think that Jasper and I should go back inside first and talk to Mark about you, maybe take his gun away. He’s our group’s resident hothead,” I said as an aside to Alejandro.

“I don’t want to be the source of problems for your group,” Alejandro said.

“Nonsense son,” Jasper said. “That guy needs to learn that we don’t know anything about our environment anymore and that people like you exist. He’ll just have to leave all of his preconceived notions behind or he can leave my hotel.”

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