The wolf’s lair

We crept down the stairs as softly as we could, but I still felt like the noise was too much. Jesse had his rifle up to his shoulder so he could fire quickly. He reached the landing first and then waved me down. I rounded the corner to an almost empty room. Trisha was sitting on one of the couches with her hands taped together behind her and a gag in her mouth. Her eyes widened in recognition of Jesse’s clothing and gas mask.

He raced into the room and knelt beside her. I entered a little more cautiously and checked the corners and behind the couches for hidden assailants. Jesse eased the gag out of her mouth and she said, “You’ve gotta stop him. He drugged her up and took her into the bedroom. Hurry!”

“Where’s the bedroom?” I asked Jesse.

“Is anyone else down here?” he asked Trisha.

“No, just him. Stop him!” she pleaded.

“Follow me,” Jesse said to me and I fell in line behind him. We rushed over to the row of closed doors and Jesse used his linebacker-sized shoulders to burst through the middle door. I was through it before the pieces even had time to land.

Allan half turned and then fell onto the bed because of the pants around his ankles. I saw his little erect penis, partially hidden underneath his hairy stomach and I freaked out. He tried to scramble backwards over the naked form of my wife but I reached him first.

I reared my weapon back and smashed the wooden stock as hard as I could into the bridge of his nose. The cartilage shattered and blood exploded onto his face. He slid forward and fell off the bed. Allan held his hands up over his head and cowered on the floor.

“I didn’t do anything,” he sputtered. “I didn’t touch her, I promise. I promise!”

I glanced at Rebecca. She was naked from the top up but she still had on her underwear. Jesse moved over and placed the barrel of his gun against Allan’s head so I could check on my wife. I moved around to the side of the bed and took my mask off before I gently shook her on the shoulder. “Honey, wake up. It’s Chuck, are you alright?”

“Mmm, Chuck?” she slurred. She tried to rise up on her elbow, but her body didn’t respond. “Sleepy,” she said and closed her eyes.

I picked up her hand and dropped it. The mattress made a soft thudding sound as her arm hit the bed. “What the fuck did you give her?” I asked out loud so Allan could hear me.

“I…I gave her Zolpidem to calm her down,” he answered. “She was freaking out about the attack outside Chuck. She…”

“Shut the fuck up you sick fuck. What is ‘zolpadam’?” I asked.

“It’s a sleep aid. You know, to help her sleep and calm down.”

I crossed quickly to the bottom of the bed and kicked him in the ribs. “You were going to rape her and we got here just in time, didn’t we?” I stated as I pointed to his now-flaccid penis.

“No, I promise. I…Fuck!” he screamed as I hit him in the side of the head with my rifle.

/// Want to read more? My new book Unclean Wonderland is expected to be completed late Summer/early Fall 2014! ///

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