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  • HOTCon

    Wow. Let me say that I was pleasantly surprised at the HOTCon in Waco, Texas yesterday! This is the first year for the convention in Waco and I honestly wasn’t expecting very many people. Holy cow, the place was absolutely packed! Non-Stop traffic in the place. Great job of promoting the venue and the event! If I’m back from Afghanistan by this time next year, I definitely want to do this one again!

  • ZitB

    It’s about 12:40 a.m. and I’ve been up formatting “Zombie in the Basement” for print. It’s done, just need to have a couple people look over what it looks like on the computer and then we’re going live… So very excited!

  • twitter

    Ok, so I kinda feel like I’m pretty good at marketing myself on facebook. I’ve got a solid group of people who like my page and about 30-40 people who actually interact regularly there (thanks guys!). Tonight my wife asked me how much longer I planned on marketing GNASH via facebook.

    My initial answer was, “Forever!” but I know that’s not realistic, in fact after a while it would probably just get annoying for the fans of the page. I’m working on new stuff (see this webpage!) but right now, GNASH is all I’ve got… I know there are a ton of other social media and web outlets out there to help get the word out, Twitter being one of those. I sent my first tweet a couple of months ago, but since I opened up in July, I’ve sent a grand total of 20 tweets. Not very awe-inspiring. But again, I don’t want to annoy people since the one thing I’ve got available is the one book.

    It’s a truly frustrating dilemma. How DO you interact with people and continue to spread the word about your work without being annoying? This is a question that everyone who has a product to sell has asked themselves at some point.

    If you want to get a random tweet every few weeks, follow me @ BParker_Author

  • Busy Week!

    Wow, I’ve been so busy lately! I attented my first convention as an author this past weekend and the experience was very positive. While the attendence was WAY down at the convention from what the organizers expected, literally every person that stopped at my table and talked to me bought a book. I consider that a HUGE compliment. There were even a few people there who said that they’d heard of me from my online page and from others talking about good books…WOW! Humbled.

    I also submitted GNASH to a traditional publisher today. I would love to one day see it on store shelves, but I’m also a level-headed guy. I know that the majority of people don’t get picked up by a publisher. That’s fine if I don’t because I’ve been doing really well with the word of mouth from the web, but it would still be pretty cool if it happened!

    Stay tuned, I’m going to be putting my nose back to the grindstone beginning tomorrow and setting a daily word count goal for “Enduring Armageddon”. I’m at 69K words right now, so I’m somewhere around 2/3 of the way done, but there’s so much more I want to do with the book…we’ll see where it ends up!

  • Inprocessing at Fort Hood

    Originally Posted: 25 Jun 2013

    I haven’t posted anything in a few days because I’m inprocessing at Fort Hood, Texas. It’s hours and hours of briefings and waiting around to get a signature on a piece of paper that says I heard what so-and-so said about a service available on the post. Can’t wait to be done and signed into my unit so I can set up my office space and be able to get started in my job.

  • Welcome to Fort Hood

    Originally Posted: 19 Jun 2013

    As we start our inproccessing at our new new installation in Texas, I’m reminded of how inefficient everything for soldiers is. Even though it was slower than I’d expect with all the automation that we have available in 2013, I really did get spoiled working at the Pentagon. I’ve been sitting for 45 minutes to get an installation pass, but the contractors are getting put right into the queue. And I’m a Field Grade officer, imagine what it’s like for a private…

  • Back Home in Texas

    Originally Posted: 13 June 2013 

    So I don’t have a story-type blog post tonight because today I made the final push in my cross-country oddessy from Washington, DC to Fort Hood, Texas where we’ll be stationed for the next two years.  The house is pretty amazing, almost double our Virginia house, so I’m pretty pleased with it.  We get the internet hooked up tomorrow, so stay tuned for a new part of my next novel…